Portland Mental Wellness presents Modern Man


A thoughtful engagement about masculinity.

Hi there. As I’ve worked with men in my practice, I’ve noticed an absence of fellowship between men to learn, grow, and support one another in becoming a better, more integrated person secure in their gender. I think many men are lonely and feel alone in processing the varying elements involved in contemporary masculinity. That’s why I’ve created a new men’s group designed to nuture support and dialogue between men.

“Hmmm, a men’s group... What exactly is that?” you ask?

Well, the intention is to facilitate a small group of six men through a psychoeducational process group designed to cover topics ranging from emotional restriction, managing relationships, toxic masculinity, and traditional versus contemporary gender role expectations. The group will be a closed group (meaning the same six members will complete a 10-week curriculum) that will meet each Tuesday evening for 90 minutes starting at 6:30pm.

We’ll start with an initial 60-minute screening consultation and orientation. The cost of this consultation is $50. Each of the 10 sessions are $25 but a 10% discount will be applied if the full 10-week course is paid up front.

Space is limited to the six group members and the enrollment deadline is September 18th. If this sounds like just the thing you’ve been looking for, please reach out via text, phone, or email.

Ryan Grassmann, M.A.  503.505.9672 or hello@portlandmentalwellness.com

Be well. Ryan