Fall Modern Man enrollment is open


It seems summer has finally arrived in Portland and many of us are in full swing with our summer activities and vacations. Oregonians live for the summer months — the long days, the saturated greens from months of rain and warm sunshine. It’s hard to believe it but we’re nearly halfway through July already.

We didn’t launch a summer Modern Man as we assumed and hoped that people would be taking full advantage of all that summer in the Pacific Northwest can provide. The previous Modern Man cohorts have continued to meet for a process group on a slightly less frequent basis — a true testament to the trust and camaraderie that these men built in their ten weeks together. We have received some interest for participation in the next cohort.

Enrollment starts now for the Fall Modern Man men’s group that will begin on September 10, 2019.

90 minutes a week for 10 weeks at 7pm on Tuesdays.

A small group of men with a shared goal of growth and development.

Click the button below to schedule your initial 60-minute screening consultation and orientation. The cost of this consultation is $75. Each of the 10 sessions are $30 but a 10% discount will be applied if the full 10-week course is paid up front.

Did you just discover us and you’re not quite sure what this is all about? Modern Man is a men’s group designed to create a supportive and safe environment for men to learn about themselves. Here are some reasons why previous Modern Man participants enrolled.

  1. A desire to be a better partner.

  1. A wish to relieve isolation and loneliness for themselves.

  2. An opportunity to learn about how to use their masculinity for good.

  3. To gain confidence in their ability to engage in discussion about gendered issues.

  4. To heal from experiences stemming from traditional gendered expectations.

Curious for you or someone you care about? Click the button below to schedule an initial 60-minute screening consultation and orientation.

Until then, be well.