Ryan Grassmann, M.A.

Ryan Grassmann, M.A.

My number one goal is to nurture an atmosphere that provides safety, compassion, and trust. My therapeutic approach varies depending on the needs of the client. Some characteristics of my approach don’t change – I’m guided by authenticity, respect, and commitment. 

From my perspective, I am a fellow traveler in life. I engage clients in a way that nurtures trust. We are all subject to this human condition and this sentiment shows in my personal and professional style. For more information on my methods of practice see the therapy philosophy section of my website.

I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the Pacific University School of Professional Psychology. My training included numerous evidence-based psychotherapies, ethics, and integrative healthcare. I also completed a concentration in organizational behavior or "work psychology." I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Portland State University. While in my undergraduate I studied various topics involving neuroscience, cognition, social psychology, and the philosophy of medicine.

When I’m not working I enjoy all the benefits that a lifetime in Oregon provides. Growing up in the outdoors, I rarely miss a chance to head out and let nature restore my spirit. When I’m not recreating away from home I can be found in my backyard, often with friends, family, and a host of animal companions. I enjoy trying new BBQ recipes and growing all types of fruits and vegetables.

"I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me." -- Terence, Roman playright