Animal Assisted Therapy

Like other evidenced based therapies, Animal Assisted Therapy helps clients improve quality of life. As humans we often suffer from distressing thoughts and emotions. Often this is a result of challenges related to our connection with others and, at times, our environment. Animals, on the other hand, stay connected with their environment instinctively; they live in the moment. Naturally they are less troubled by disturbing thoughts and distressing emotions. Alice's presence in therapy reminds clients to be in the moment. Soft fur and smiling eyes are a welcome reminder that connection with another can be safe and rewarding. Alice is an eight year old, small, female, golden retriever/poodle mix who accompanies me in session. Her soft coat does not shed and is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Alice's temperament and attachment to humans enhances the therapy process for individuals and couples. Whether resting next to you on the couch or asleep on the floor, she is content. She can be as involved in your therapy as you wish.